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What is Tandem BASE jumping? 

BASE jumping is jumping off of a fixed object, such as a Building, Antenna, Span, or Earth, with a parachute.  To learn how to BASE jump on your own can take years of skydive experience.  A person must have over 200 skydives before they can learn to base jump on their own.  Tandem BASE gives the unexperienced person a chance to experience a BASE Jump without the years of training.  Much like a tandem skydive we harness you to the most experienced Tandem BASE instructor on the planet and send you off of the Perrine Bridge located in Twin Falls, Idaho. We also do specialty jumps in other exotic locations, so just ask us about those.  We do them all over the world.  We even have experience taking physically disabled people, so just ask.  It is the safest way for non parachute experienced people to see what all the hype is about.  Trust us it is much better than the hype can describe.  Some people say that initial drop is similar to how it may feel to be in space.  It is that point where your are in harmony with gravity.  The parachute then opens and you fly through the scenic canyon to a soft landing.  It will be one of those things you won't be able to stop talking about.  Life is all about experiencing things and this is one that you will be thrilled over.  Want to see how it works.  Look at the video to the right.  

Tandem BASE jump from Perrine Bridge
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