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About Tandem BASe

Welcome to Tandem BASE! The first, and only place to experience your first BASE jump, as a Tandem student with a highly experienced BASE Instructor! You would want to know that we actually started the first Tandem BASE Jump company.  We did that in 2009 and have been improving on skill and experience since then.  We are literally the Godfathers of Tandem BASE and have over 10 years more experience than any other company.

Make your first BASE Jump with the confidence only achieved by attaching to a highly experienced BASE Tandem Instructor! You will leap from the 486 foot Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho and softly come to rest in the beautiful Snake River Canyon.


At the core of TandemBASE jumping is a custom-designed and manufactured set of gear that includes the Huck-It! Duo harness and container system, TandemBASE parachute, and the student harness. Built to military specifications for material and construction, the Duo’s harness is task specific for TandemBASE.


BASE jumping is not safe, but history shows that is can be performed safely. TandemBASE takes all precautions to provide the safest environment possible within the realm of BASE jumping.  All students are provided helmets and must arrive with proper footwear (athletic shoes or hiking boots). With a minimum of 2,000 BASE jumps and 2,000 Tandem skydives, TandemBASE instructors begin as the sport’s highest caliber jumpers. Instructors are then required to complete written and practical instruction and testing on TandemBASE Standard Operating Procedures before being certified as TandemBASE Instructors. Our lead instructor, Sean Chuma currently has the most jumps of anyone in the world at over 6600 jumps.



The first Tandem BASE-Jump occurred on March 20, 1983 off of West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia by Timothy Cousins. The passenger was Shane Sparkes. Closely following was the second in 1984 by Ted Strong from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. The years since have been sprinkled with Tandem BASE-Jumps being made around the world from various objects, proving the viability. Concurrently, the Magic Valley has become an increasingly more popular BASE destination, as the Perrine Bridge has the fortunate convergence of good altitude, large landing area, easy access, and an encouraging community. It is with great pleasure we can say that the Magic Valley loves BASE Jumping, and that BASE Jumpers around the world love the Magic Valley. Excited spectators commonly ask how they can participate in the BASE Jumping experience and have always been told that 100’s of skydives are needed prior to learning to BASE Jump. In 2009 Kissner, Mashaal, and Chuma began discussing and prototyping the equipment necessary to perform BASE Jumps using the Tandem instructional method. The result is the first purpose built TandemBASE Jumping equipment.


Sean Chuma, our first-rated Instructor and owner of Tandem BASE, helped develop the new sport by making the very first TandemBASE Jumps during it’s experimental phase, adding more unique and exciting activities to his full time parachuting career.  Chuma has over 4,000 skydives and 7400 BASE Jumps (the most of anyone in the world), and also runs a world-renown school, called I-D BASE, that teaches experienced skydivers how to BASE jump.

Sean has an impeccable safety track record of over 900 tandem base jumps and is, undeniably, the most experienced, commercial tandem base instructor in the world.  He’s so safe that in 2013, the 102 yr-old Dorothy Custer asked him to take her for a jump off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.  She landed soft and safely.  Sean believes that if a 102 yr-old lady had the courage to experience the thrill of parachuting from Idaho’s tallest bridge, that anyone can do it.

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