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Owner Sean Chuma on Genuinely Interested Podcast

Owner of Tandem BASE, Sean Chuma, joins host Roy Ben-Tzvi on the Genuinely Interested Podcast to talk about BASE jumping and life in the sport. Sean is completely detdicated to Base jumping and lives, eats and breathes the sport. He started the industry of Tandem Base back in 2009. At the time he didn't see that it would turn into one of the most sought after thrill rides for the worlds most adventurous humans. People from all backgrounds and occupations seek Sean to join in on one of the most amazing adventures that humanity has to offer. In order for a person to even learn properly to Base jump, they have to have extensive experience in skydiving, but with Tandem BASE a person just needs to get in contact with Chuma to schedule a jump, while attached to him. The sport comes with many ups and downs and only the most experienced experts understand the variables at play. Some very high profile people have had the chance to Tandem BASE Jump with Chuma off of exotic objects across the globe. BASE is a most interesting sport and the people that choose to partake in it are even more extraordinary. Listen to Chuma here as he speaks about what it takes, the precision involved, and how the mind works within the sport on the Genuinely Interested Podcast.

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