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Why we Tandem BASE

It is a cutting edge sport that anyone can try. Imagine jumping off of a Bridge, or some other object out there in the world.

What we think about Tandem BASE

We started this company because we love BASE jumping. It is a truly amazing sport. As a kid I used to jump from my roof, bunk bed, or any high place I could get to. I used such things as pillow cases, sheets, or trash bags as my parachute. I always had a fascination and need to be up in the air. Of course I smashed my knee right into my face several times and got many cuts and scrapes from different modes of catapulting myself into the air.

The yearning for disconnection with the ground never stopped. As I got into my teenage years I dove further into sports that had something to do with being off the ground. I was a gymnast for many years, I was a ski instructor, and I was also a pole-vaulter all the way into college. In each of these activities my favorite part was flying. I got into skydiving when I was 16 and that was what really gave me the feeling I was looking for.

When I finally found out about BASE jumping from watching stunt shows on TV, I was pretty sure I needed to do that. It seemed like a sport where you could actually be your own superhero. Jumping from tall bridges, buildings, cliffs, and antennas!! Yes Please!!! I had 150 skydives before I graduated high school. In college I was poor as most students are so jumps were few and far between until I moved to San Diego, CA. I got right back into it and when I finally reached 700 skydives I went to Twin Falls, ID to take a BASE jump course at the Perrine Bridge. It took one jump to realize this was my thing. I continued doing it and combining my aerial flipping skills with the jumps from things and just never stopped. It is the greatest feeling you can imagine. I love those first 3 seconds where there isn't much wind and you feel completely weightless and in harmony with gravity. You feel like you are in space. When the parachute opens you feel complete relief because it had given you a sense that you might collide with the earth. It brings out smiles and a level excitement that you didn't know you were capable of achieving.

I knew I had to share this with people. I started a BASE jumping school called I-D BASE. It stands for Inter Dimensional BASE. Its kinda silly but the sport really does take you to different dimensions. I have taught over 300 people to jump on their own. Each of them were required to have 200 or more skydives. I wanted to connect the sport with the average person, that doesn't skydive. Tandem BASE became the answer and we performed large amounts of testing and experimentation until we nailed it. The focus was never on the money for me. It was always on letting other non jumpers see why we jumpers do what we do. BASE jumping can change lives and bring hope for an amazing life. It can shift a persons focus into a much more rewarding direction. It is true that people need to work in our society, but life needs balance. If one works too hard and doesn't enjoy and make experiences, they may possibly be regretful in the end. I think it is very important to go out and do things that you wouldn't normally do. Those are the things that create the stories and memories that you get to hold onto forever. Those are the things that make you who you are.

It is amazing to see the smiles we help to create. You should see some of the disabled people I have taken on jumps. It couldn't be more rewarding to be part of.

I have had the honor of taking five paraplegics, one quadriplegic, a sweet lady with cerebral palsy, and some amputees. Some of these amazing people never dreamed they could do this but somehow we figured it out together and they have one more awesome story to take with them. It really is all about the story you are living.

I have made some amazing friends from Tandem BASE. I have kept in contact with many of my customers, some of them have even become skydivers or BASE jumpers. I love to see how lives have changed and how personalities have completely blossomed from the experience. BASE jumping is good for you and it is certainly something to be celebrated. We are happy to bring the experience to you.

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