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An Inside Look At Sean Chuma

Owner and operator Sean Chuma recently had an article published with, where he explains his thoughts on many questions about base jumping and his view about progression. He delves into thoughts about life as a BASE jumper and beyond. Have you ever wondered what it is like to do such a high risk sport as a job? It is everyday life for Sean, he basically just does his thing and makes precision his main focus. He eats and breathes parachutes but also does lots of other things. I guess you could say that he is not completely obsessed with it. Well... on second thought, maybe he is, but he basically loves to have fun and progress in mind, body, and soul. Physical fitness, mental fitness, and just all around wisdom is big time for a professional athlete, especially for one that participates in a sport that can be dangerous in certain situations. Anyways, to learn more about Sean Chuma, you should read this great Article by Lesley Gale at Skydive Magazine.

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